Start organizing regular (weekly) staff meetings


Clear, good and frequent communication is essential in implementing a quality management system. A lot is changing for all staff members which raises many questions and many problems. Providing all staff members with the opportunity to indicate if there are problems and questions and tapping into everyone's experience for possible solutions means that you not only detect problems earlier, but you also decrease the risk for resistance against implementing the quality management system. Moreover, it can help to identify practical and acceptable solutions.


Organize weekly staff meetings, involving all staff members. Make minutes of these meetings which are given to all staff members.

How & who

Laboratory management:

  1. Schedule weekly staff meetings at a convenient time at which everybody is present.
  2. Chair the staff meetings and assign the secretary to make minutes of these meetings.
    The following items should be discussed:
    • Regular issues
    • Quality issues
    • Nonconformities (complaints received, accidents, defects of equipment/facility, organizational issues, errors in documents, etc.)
    • Safety issues
    • Status of action points (see previous activity)
    • Question round (opportunity for each staff member to ask questions)
  3. If certain discussions give rise to the need to undertake action, this action should be translated into SMART action point(s). These need to be included in the minutes of the meeting and their status is checked every following meeting. For example: when a staff members indicates that there is a problem, a decision should be made on how this must be solved. This solution must then be translated into SMART action points and included in the minutes. Every next staff meeting the status of completion of the action points is checked.


  1. Make minutes of each meeting. They should at least consist of the following parts (see activity earlier in phase 1):
    • Summary of what was discussed during the meeting
    • Overview of SMART action points
    • Agenda for the next meeting, including the planned date of the next meeting. In the right-hand column a template of Minutes is provided that can be used.
  2. Distribute the minutes to all staff members within the next 3 (working) days.
  3. Take the Minutes folder (made earlier in phase 1) and put a tab in this folder with the name "Weekly staff meetings". Store the minutes behind this tab (a tab is necessary because also minutes of other meetings, such as Quality Project Team meetings, will be stored in this folder).

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