Appoint a staff member who is responsible for monitoring stocks and ordering supplies and reagents


Making only one person in the laboratory responsible for counting the stocks and, when necessary, ordering reagents and supplies creates clarity within the laboratory. This helps to ensure that the stocks are regularly counted and orders are regularly placed. Everybody knows who to turn to with questions about the stock and placing orders for new supplies.


Appoint a Stock Officer. This person is responsible for monitoring stocks and keeping the stock inventory up to date. His/her tasks include:

  • Keeping the stock room clean, orderly and filled
  • Regularly counting and updating the stock register
  • Placing orders for new supplies and reagents when necessary
  • Acceptance testing and unpacking newly arrived reagents and supplies
  • Inform relevant staff members that goods have arrived

How & who

Laboratory Manager:

  1. Make a lists of tasks and responsibilities for the position of Stock Officer (these will later be used when writing the Position Job Description, Authorization Matrix, and the Personal Job Description).
  2. Although the position of Stock Officer can be a part-time position for most laboratories, the addition of this position means addition of new tasks to the set of tasks already in place. Determine if the current utilization of personnel in the laboratory allows for burdening one staff member with the additional tasks belonging to the position of Stock Officer. If the current utilization of personnel does not allow the appointment of an already existing staff member as Stock Officer, a new staff member must be hired.
  3. Select a staff member most suited for the position of Stock Officer and appoint him/her for this position. Explain him/her the tasks and responsibilities.
  4. Present to all the laboratory staff in a weekly staff meeting the staff member that has been appointed as Stock Officer and explain the tasks and responsibilities of this position. This way all the staff members know what and what not to ask from the Stock Officer.

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ISO15189:2007: 4.1.5