Appoint an Equipment Officer


The first step in managing the equipment of the laboratory correctly is the appointment of somebody who has an overview of what has to happen and can coordinate the implementation of the equipment management system. This person will also be needing technical skills to perform calibrations, simple maintenance and small repairs in-house.


Appoint an Equipment Officer. This is a staff member that is made responsible for management of the equipment. His/her tasks include:

  • Coordinating the equipment improvement activities originating from the implementation of the quality management system
  • Coordinating the inventory, procurement, installation, maintenance, calibration, repair and validation of equipment
  • Serve as advisor to the Laboratory Management regarding the laboratory equipment
  • Performing calibrations, simple maintenance and small repairs

In the right-hand column a link is provided to a document with general information on equipment management from the WHO Laboratory Quality Management System (LQMS) training. This can provide you with more insight in the process of equipment management.

How & who

Laboratory Management:

  1. Read the WHO LQMS sheet with General Information on Equipment Management.
  2. Make a list of tasks and responsibilities for the position of Equipment Officer (these will later be used when writing the Position Job Description, Authorization Matrix, and the Personal Job Description).
  3. Appoint an Equipment Officer.
  4. Select the most appropriate staff member for the position of Equipment Officer.
  5. Appoint this staff member as Equipment Officer.
  6. The position of Equipment Officer is part time, but it poses an extra burden on the normal work activities of this staff member. If the tasks become to many and the staff member is overburdened with work, allocate tasks of the Equipment Officer’s former work to other staff members or hire additional staff if necessary.

If some pieces of equipment need regular calibration or specified maintenance and there is no availability of specified technical maintenance companies in-country, identify funding and send the Equipment Officer to training on technical maintenance and calibration of these pieces of equipment. Where possible include technical training on maintenance in calibration in tenders for new equipment.

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